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MathML Demo: <mspace> - space

  1. Alternate stylesheets are available from: "View -> Use StyleSheet -> TeX | Mathematica"
  2. Click on a MathML fragment to view its WYSIWYG source.
  3. In the examples below, the text won't be allowed to decrease pass the scriptminsize or your browser's minimum allowable font size -- this can be set with, e.g, user_pref("font.minimum-size.x-western", 10). To see the effect of the gradual decrease induced by changes in script levels more clearly, you may have to increase your default font size in the menu: "Edit -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Fonts".
    • Here is how the alphabet looks like at scriptminsize: a, b, c ... x, y, z
    • Here is how greek letters look like at scriptminsize: α, β, γ ..., ψ, ω, ϑ, ϒ, ϖ
    • Here is how numbers look like at scriptminsize: 0, 1, 2, ..., 10, 11, 12, ...
  4. You can use "View -> Text Zoom" in the usual way to zoom the MathML text along with the other text.
  5. There is a tracker bug where you can report rendering errors on the demos.

The background color of <mspace> elements has been set to yellow for easier viewing. You can set the width x y height x y and depth [ x y ] of mspace elements (click the math text to view the numeric values that are set).

Interactive Sizing

Use the control buttons below to adjust the parameters of the mspace element and see the effects.
Height +/ - Width +/ - Depth +/ - 3 x

Buglist of <mspace>

This page is typeset according to XHTML, the reformulated way to go for the web.