This entire box is inside a hyperlink.
The words in this box should have default hyperlinked text-decoration (i.e. underlined words).
The cursor should always be a "pointer" cursor (i.e. be a "hand" cursor).

This box has a default RED background.
When the cursor is in this box, the background should always be GREEN.

Clicking within this box will reload this page.
Try clicking within this box without moving the cursor.
Tested on a Windows Vista Ultimate virtual machine (2011-02-01)
Bug 491670 Bug 433178  /  Bug 491501
Click in box, but do not move cursor
Browser Words in box are underlined Background cursor type
Amaya 11.3.1 YES red default (arrow)
Chrome (8.0.552.237) YES green pointer (hand)
Internet Explorer 9 (PP 7) YES green pointer (hand)
Firefox 4.0b11pre (2011-02-01) NO green pointer (hand)
Opera 11.01 YES green pointer (hand)
Safari 5.0.3 (7533.19.4) YES green pointer (hand)